2012 BIG R Show


Mark your calendar to attend the 2013 BIG R Show on November 2nd-4th

2012 International BIG R Show
October 27 - 29, 2012 / Bally's Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada 

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BIG R Show Seminars & Clinics

Saturday, October 27th
8:30 am - 12:00 pm / APRA Survive & Thrive Electrical Clinic / Early Bird: $60 - After 10/1/12: $70
Dennis Jacinto, current APRA Chairman and Mohammad Samii, APRA’s Technical Service Consultant, will be the presenters for this Passenger Car/Light Truck Clinic, covering the following topics:
-  The latest version of the Lester Catalog and KwikFinder will be presented, showing the details of this entirely new program, which has been the rebuilding/remanufacturing industry’s standard for decades.
-  A review of modern charging/starting systems and components that rebuilders need to be aware of for final testing of their units, to make them compatible with the vehicle electronics.
-  Pictorial rebuilding techniques for some late model common starter and alternators, along with some components such as rotor preparation, stator and regulator testing.
-  Review of some technical resources that are mostly free or require a small fee, enabling electrical rebuilders
unlimited access to OE information.
-  Pictorial case studies of actual problem vehicles that were repaired presented as an educational tool for you and your employees.

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm /
Calculating the True Cost of Cleaning / Early Bird: $50 - After 10/1/12: $60
Surface cleaning is one step in the remanufacturing process where companies can typically find improvement opportunities due to the ever increasing number of new chemistries and technologies available. How does a company determine which options are most cost effective for their operation? This presentation will discuss the costs associated with cleaning and the methods used to calculate the true benefits to the organization. The program will cover cleaning technologies such as baking soda blasting, ultrasonic cleaning, and rust removal and prevention. Experts from Allenwoods & Associates, Armex, Guspro, Zerust, and other show exhibitors will be on hand to answer questions. Presented by Bob German, Senior Staff Engineer, National Center for Remanufacturing and Resource Recovery, Rochester Institute of Technology.

Sunday, October 28th
8:30 am - Noon / Around the Profit World in 180 Minutes / FREE Admission

The Miracle on The Hudson
- Jeff Skiles, Co-pilot of the US Airways Flight 1549
“No terrible thoughts went through my head, none at all. I didn’t worry that I might not live through this—and no pilot would. Unless the situation is completely out of your control, there’s always something you can do.” - Jeff Skiles

Jeff will talk about his experience as co-pilot of the plane that landed in the Hudson River when a flock of geese flew into the engines causing the crew to make some fast choices that turned out to be all the right ones.
Bio: The son of two pilots, Skiles started flying at the age of 16, and to date has logged over 20,000 hours in the sky. From his days flying with his father over the Alcan Highway to Alaska to the last twenty-three years as a U.S. Airways pilot and first officer, his lifetime of experiences working as both a member and the leader of a crew contributed to the astounding outcome. Flight 1549 was only Skiles’ second trip in the Airbus A320, and when the plane collided with the birds, he was still manually flying the plane, practicing the tricky controls of the Airbus. But the perfect landing was not a fluke; it was the result of intense training, preparation, and the lessons learned from other pilots’ successes and failures. Skiles believes that life changes all around you, and if you can’t adapt and change with it, you can’t succeed.

A general contractor who builds houses when he’s not flying, Skiles understands what businesses are going through. He attributes the success of the emergency landing on the Hudson to the extensive training that all members of a flight crew experience. From the mechanics and the maintenance workers to the people who write the emergency protocols and the flight attendants, he believes that every level of the U.S. Airways organization is responsible for the outcome on January 15, 2009. While he and Captain Sullenberger piloted the plane to a safe landing, the entire operation was only possible thanks to intense training, re-training, preparation, and organization.

Black Magic or Rocket Science? Reman Research Results Down to Earth - Sandra Seifert, Engineer, Chair Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Technology, Fraunhofer Project Group Process Innovation, Bayreuth University
The presentation gives an comprehensive overview of the most interesting facts that were presented at the 2012 World Remanufacturing Summit in Bayreuth (Germany). The following headlines will be covered: Global Views on Remanufacturing, Large Scale Remanufacturing, SME-Innovation Leaders, Special Challenges, Markets and Trends, Automotive OEM Remanufacturing. Bio: 35 years old, became an architect assistant after finishing school, after 5 years working started studying mechanical engineering in 2003, focus of studies were life cycle engineering as well as production organization and technology; after finishing 2008 started to work as a research assistant for Professor Steinhilper at Bayreuth University. Topic of PhD will be how electromobility will affect the remanufacturing business.

Powertrain Trends and the Reman Opportunities They Represent - Derek Kaufman, Chief Operating Officer of Mission Motors
The constant increases in EPA regulations and the goal of reducing heavy truck fuel consumption by over 20% by 2014 are driving some big changes in heavy duty powertrain design. In this presentation, Derek Kaufman will give us a look to the future and some suggestions on how we can capitalize on the changes.
Bio: For 35 years, Derek Kaufman has worked in the Transportation Industry with positions ranging from VP Marketing and Product Planning for Freightliner Corporation, SR VP of Sales, Marketing and Customer Support for Hino Trucks, President of Diesel Technology Co, a subsidiary of Penske Corporation and VP of Fixed Operations for smart USA. In addition to these corporate positions, Derek is an entrepreneur who founded C3 Network to help clients launch new products. For 12 years, C3 worked on a variety of projects to introduce leading edge technology to the transportation industry. In 2010, Derek joined a Bay Area consortium of investors to head up Glacier Bay Technology as its CEO. He led the sale of company assets to a major transportation sector OEM. He is now the Chief Operating Officer of Mission Motors, a San Francisco based developer of electric drive systems. In addition to his management role at Mission Motors, Derek serves on several corporate boards and writes and speaks on technology trends.

Ways to Save Hundreds of $$ Using the Reman Toolbox - Leah Borrowman, Member Services Representative, BizUnite
BizUnite is the service provider for APRA's popular money saving tool, Reman Toolbox. Leah will cover all the latest services and benefits available through Reman Toolbox talk about plans for the future.

Update on “Right To Repair” Legislation - Omar Cueto, President of L & J Diesel Service and APRA Secretary
Omar will give us an update on the “Right To Repair” legislation and how important it is to the survival of our remanufacturing industry and the aftermarket in general.

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm / New Technologies for Salvaging Cores /
Free Admission
Gary Reed has over 40 years of experience in the casting repair business and will be presenting step-by-step procedures for metal stitching cracks in cast aluminum and cast iron parts. Several different repairs will be shown in video and slide show formats to help you understand how these products are used and work. Learn how you can benefit by salvaging cores with these unique methods. Bring your questions about welding these metals as well. If you really want to understand why one process works better than another in specific cases, all you’ll have to do is ask. You’ll see some unbelievable repairs to very large castings just completed by LOCK-N-STITCH on-site repair technicians. You’ll also see how to repair high pressure fluid O-ring boss threaded holes with special Full-Torque thread repair inserts. Gary J Reed, CEO of LOCK-N-STITCH Inc. and inventor of the LNS metal stitching technologies and Full-Torque thread repair products.

1:00 pm - 2:15 pm /
Complexity in Remanufacturing: Make it a Bit More Simple / Free Admission
Complexity has many reasons and causes multiple challenges to remanufacturers. Even though complexity is a widely discussed topic, hardly anybody ever measured the quantity of negative effects in industrial companies. The presentation by Hans-Henrik Westermann and Steffen Butzer of Fraunhofer Institute Bayreuth (Germany) shows the results of Bayreuth´s studies in this context and show challenges, methods and benefits for remanufacturing companies. Significant complexity drivers (e.g. core quality, variety, competition) and effects (e.g. coordination and communication efforts, knowledge management) will be discussed. Furthermore some practical solutions to avoid, reduce or handle the negative effects of complexity will be proposed. That can help remanufacturing companies to manage those topics in their daily business.

2:30 pm - 3:15 pm / Export Seminar / Free Admission
Andrew Edlefsen with the US Foreign Commercial Service Automotive Team will inform potential U.S. exporters on the role of the Federal Government in providing export assistance to U.S. companies. The seminar will cover the domestic and foreign arm of the Commercial Service, export counseling, market research, services such as Gold Key, International Partner Search and the role of other Federal Agencies.

3:30 pm - 4:45 pm /
Opportunities for Remanufacturers / Early Bird: $50 - After 10/1/12: $60
This seminar will cover a variety of topics, related to the automotive/truck parts remanufacturing industry, which will provide attendees with information on emerging opportunities. Topics such as the momentum building around environmental sustainability will be discussed as it relates to material reuse, increased governmental awareness, global interest in remanufacturing, and current emphasis on “green economy” jobs. If you are interested in learning more about future trends and potential challenges, this session is for you. Presented by Mike Haselkorn, Research Faculty, Golisano Institute for Sustainability, Rochester Institute of Technology.

Monday, October 29th
8:00 am - 9:00 am / Idea Breakfast / Part of the Full Registration Package
Share your successful business ideas with others. Moderated by Sandra Standley, APRA Past Chairman and Dan Smith, Arrowhead Electrical.

9:15 am - 11:15 am / Heavy Duty Electrical Clinic / Early Bird: $60 - After 10/1/12: $70

What You Need to Know About the Latest Technology for HD Starters and Alternators
Steve Venne with Atelier Dynamo in Quebec, Canada will discuss many of the newest HD alternators and starters and the impact that heat from the engine has on all these newer units. Achieving customer satisfaction has new challenges that may cause you problems but also present you with new opportunities to help improve your customer relations and increase your profits.

Failures and Troubleshooting, New Applications and Future Projects at Letrika (formally Iskra)
Bob Hopko of Letrika in Rockford, Illinois will be assisted by Ervin Stanic and Jordan Drekonja in a presentation about Iskra starters, alternators, and dc motors, past present and future, and how it will affect the rebuilders.

9:30 am - 10:45 am /
Non-destructive Inspection Technologies / Early Bird: $50 - After 10/1/12: $60
The recovery of valuable components from failed products is the life-blood of a remanufacturer. In today’s competitive market, companies must take advantage of any technologies that can ensure greater recovery opportunities and enhanced quality of the final product. The ability to identify critical failures, without destroying the components, is a requirement for all remanufacturers. This seminar will be an overview of the various non-destructive inspection technologies and their applications. Presented by Mike Haselkorn, Research Faculty, Golisano Institute for Sustainability, Rochester Institute of Technology.

11:30 am - 12:30 pm / Rebuilding/Remanufacturing Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Transmissions and Battery Pack Systems: New Revenue Streams for Your Business Model - Mark Quarto, Automotive Research & Design / Free Admission
Opportunities in HEV High Voltage Systems continue to expand in the automotive parts rebuilding and remanufacturing sector. With 57 HEV models as of 2013 and many more on the way, coupled with thousands of HEVs coming out of warranty, there is significant potential for parts rebuilders or remanufacturers to capitalize on HEV electric transmissions and battery pack systems to develop a new business model revenue stream. Testing/verification and diagnostics of electric motor-generator (MGU) systems and battery pack module cell state-of-health can be easily accomplished when using the proper equipment and technical processes. In this session you will learn about the new tools/equipment and technical process steps necessary to establish a quality MGU and battery pack system rebuilding or remanufacturing programs. This information will be used to discuss how you can include these HEV systems to grow your business and revenue…..NOW!

1:30 pm - 4:30 pm / Air Conditioning Clinic / Early Bird: $60 - After 10/1/12: $70
The objective of this year’s AC Clinic will be to provide guidance to participants in the compressor remanufacturing industry through the next 10 years. The focus will be to have an international exchange of compressor remanufacturing information by providing a forum for any and all AC questions and ideas among AC professionals. Diagnostic and troubleshooting tips will be discussed among the participants as well as short-cuts that have been developed by remanufacturers and their customers. The participants will address a variety of technical issues, so bring your questions to “Ask the Experts” and learn all the latest techniques. Klaus Zenk of Santech Industries, Inc. will moderate the session.

2:00 pm - 4:30 pm / Global Reman Perspective / Early Bird: $60 - After 10/1/12: $70
If your interests are remanufacturing in or exporting to a foreign country or if you wish to know the trends in remanufacturing outside the USA, then you will want to attend APRA's Global Reman Perspective Seminar where you’ll learn from many industry leaders.

Joe Kripli, Global Business Enterprise Leader of WABCO Reman Solutions, will lead a spirited discussion about what it takes to run a remanufacturing business in a foreign country. He will share the latest Frost & Sullivan global production numbers for commercial vehicles and passenger car vehicles;

Yiping Huang, Asia/Pacific Division Chairman of APRA will share his insight into doing business in China that will help their remanufacturing industry grow;

Edward Brzytwa III, Director for APEC Affairs, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative will discuss remanufacturing and international trade issues, including challenges, barriers and opportunities;

George Davis with Remy International will talk about dealing with reman quality issues overseas;

Rex Vandenberg, Managing Director, Injectronics Australia Pty Ltd, of Victoria Australia will talk about remanufacturing in Australia; and

Scott Ellsworth with Ricardo Strategic Consulting (RSC) will present an independent view of current and global remanufacturing market dynamics.

Come prepared with your questions and experiences to share so that this seminar will be a real networking opportunity.